Andy McCloud

Born in New York, but raised in California, Andy picked up the guitar at 12 and never put it down. At 13, he joined his first rock band and is currently a professional singer/songwriter and music producer/composer based in Los Angeles. In 2004, he was signed by Warner Brothers Latino as an exclusive artist with the stage name, “MENDOZA” and released two CD’s, which produced 3 hit songs that charted on the Spanish Rock Billboards in South America and promoted each release with tours throughout Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. His videos can be seen on Spanish MTV and YouTube (Aroma de Jazmin and Recuperar). After his contract ended in 2008, Andy decided to move back to Southern California, where his family lives, to continue working as a composer. He confesses that playing live is definitely his favorite part of music and he cannot go for an extended period without sharing with other musicians. So towards the end of 2008, he joined “Jukebox” a working show band with a busy schedule and a lot of material to cover. By mid 2009, one of his friends and musical colleagues suggested to Andy that he would make a great Bono. Andy's favorite band growing up had always been U2, so he knew most of the early material and he felt it might be more compatible with his busy schedule. He googled the following: “U2 Tribute seeks Bono” and it just so happened that Zoo2 was still looking to fill that spot.... Well, the rest is history. Andy's music is available on Amazon & iTunes by searching "mendoza tribu".

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  • Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Favorite U2 Concert: Cow Palace, San Fransisco 1987, Joshua Tree Tour
  • Favorite U2 Album and Song: The Joshua Tree, Where the Streets Have No Name
  • Favorite Things: Performing, composing, traveling, cooking for his family and friends, tennis and his two cats, Simon and Oliver
The Edge


Brian Lawson

Born in the Bay area, but raised in South Carolina, Brian started playing guitar at an early age acquiring a taste for rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Police, and Pink Floyd among many others. As most lead guitarist, he grew up playing in numerous cover bands between his high school and college years. After graduating from Clemson University, Brian decided to try his luck closer to the Mecca of rock and roll and moved to sunny Southern California. In 1995 he formed “The Loophole”, an original rock and roll band which later became simply “Loophole” playing in and around lower California including gigs at “The Whiskey” and “The Roxy” on Sunset Strip. After surviving the 90's, in 2001 he portrayed guitarist Mike McCready, in the tribute band "Not For You", a tribute to one of the founders of grunge, Pearl Jam. The Edge, however, had always been one of Brian's favorite guitarists and U2's music had a major influence on his taste in music. As a guitarist, Brian admires The Edge's simplicity, but at the same time the melodic lines of his guitar and his fearlessness in trying out new equipment to generate innovative sounds, and thought that the potential for a stage show would be much more diverse. So, in 2002, he took off his grunge clothes and planted the seeds of what would become Zoo2, a tribute to U2. After a few years and a few lineup changes, he met Dale Brainard, who had been the drummer for another U2 tribute band based in San Diego. Little did he know it would be the beginning of a long standing friendship.

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  • Instrument: Lead Guitar, Vocals and Piano
  • Favorite U2 Concert: Clemson, South Carolina, 1997
  • Favorite U2 Album and Song: Achtung Baby, Love is Blindness
  • Favorite Things: Music, family, biking, and traveling
Adam Clayton


Paul Battillo

Paul began playing bass after his best friend's band had unsuccessfully been able to recruit their own. Having an older brother who played bass, Paul gave it a shot, but, there was only one problem, he was left handed. Not having enough money to immediately go out and buy his own bass, he took his brother's guitar, turned it upside down and started playing. He has played in and around New York in various original bands, however they found more work playing classic rock and blues covers by Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix. In 1992, he decided to go for it and came to California and held down the low end in various original bands in the San Diego area, including the Backburners, Pegasus and Kamaleon. In 2002, he joined “Rattle and Hum” an early U2 tribute band based in San Diego, but the band was short lived. When Zoo2 came around looking to fill the shoes of “Adam Clayton,” Dale immediately thought of Paul, who was now available and ready to go with all the U2 repertoire already in his arsenal. Paul truly enjoys the music of U2 and feels that Zoo2 is “definitely the best and most professional band I’ve ever been in.”

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  • Instrument: Bass
  • Favorite U2 concert: Elevation San Diego - Vertigo San Diego
  • Favorite U2 Album and Song: War, Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • Favorite Things: Sports, staying in shape, and family
Larry Mullen, Jr.


Dale Brainard

Dale started playing drums at age 13 growing up in Oregon. He spent his high school years playing in “The Rattlers,” a garage band that played rock and roll hits of the day, including covers from U2, Brian Adams, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Police, The Who, The Alarm, Simple Minds and Bruce Springsteen among many others with U2 always being his favorite. Dale started attending U2 concerts in 1987 with the Joshua Tree Tour and can say that he has attended every tour since then. In 1995, he moved to Southern California, and formed "The Alternatives", again playing hits of his favorite music mostly at the local bars at night as he worked as an engineer during the day. Practicing his drums had always been an issue so in 1999, after many years of driving his family crazy with the rumble of his drum set, he decided to build a soundproof “bunker” of a studio underneath his home. By that time, The Alternatives had taken alternate routes and Dale began noticing the growing market for Tribute Bands. Being a huge U2 fan, he realized it would be a better fit for him to simply cover the music of his favorite band and make U2 his one and only live gig. In 2002 he founded "11 O'clock Tic Toc", an early U2 tribute that was short lived. Later he joined "Rattle and Hum" a San Diego based U2 Tribute band, where he met present day Zoo2 bassist, Paul Battilo. In 2004, he met Brian "Zoo2’s Edge" during a "sub" gig. The two hit it off and it was just a matter of time before Dale, now a U2 vet, would join Zoo2. Today, Zoo2 rehearses in the wonderful facilities that Dale has built, literally from the ground up. He enjoys his family and the challenges and friendships he has with his band mates in creating a truly first rate U2 experience.

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  • Instrument: Drums
  • Favorite U2 concert : Elevation San Diego - Vertigo San Diego
  • Favorite U2 Album and Song: Boy, An Cat Dubh
  • Favorite Things: Vintage Fender Bass collecting, coaching softball with his two daughters, biking, and hiking
Daniel Lanois


Paul Wilcox

Paul first started piano in the 6th grade in Oceanside, California. At one point in high school, he needed an elective class to fill his schedule and “mallet percussion in the winter drum line seemed like a good choice”…go figure. It seemed music was choosing him rather than the other way around. He enjoyed learning more & more percussion and stringed instruments throughout high school, and finally became the drummer for the jazz band during his last semester. College at UCLA was made exciting by playing in the marching band for four years (cymbals, tenor drums/quints) and playing frat parties with his band “Missing George.” Can you say, “One time at band camp?” He graduated in 2002 and soon joined Johnny and The Neptunes, a rock and roll show band working the cruise line industry playing keyboards six nights a week. After two “tours of duty,” he came back to dry land and moved to San Diego. He attended an early Zoo2 concert and was immediately impressed by their live show. He and Brian hit it off and Brian was quickly thinking of the advantages of having a fifth member play live keyboards, so he asked Paul if he would be interested in joining. At the time Brian was unaware of the multitude of Paul's musical assets, but they would fit perfectly into the Zoo2 lineup adding not only keyboards, but all the extra percussion, guitar and other instruments found on U2's studio recordings-not to mention his sound engineering abilities. Paul says he enjoys just hanging out with the band and loves the music tech-design aspect of U2's lucky for us!

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  • Instrument: Percussion, Keyboards, Guitars
  • Favorite U2 concert: Vertigo, San Diego (his first)
  • Favorite U2 Album and Song: The Joshua Tree, With or Without You
  • Other Interests: Audio recording, technical theater, biking, cats, and sleep